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          The Pittsburgh Bullets are a community based not for profit organization, founded by CEO Marcus Robinson. Established in late 2011 as  proud members of the Basketball Development Leagues (BDLA), David Untied Commissioner.  

           ​​Formerly known as the Ohio Valley Basketball League, in just two years time the league has expanded from 6 teams, in 2 states. To now 15 franchise teams in 6 states and growing. ​ Backed by Aspire Sports Management, the BDLA's focus is to locate, develop, & move prospective amatuers who have expressed an interested and passion in pursing their professional basketball careers.

           ​​With the support of the BDL, and Aspire Sports Management; amateur athletes gain the knowledge and experience that they need to help propel them in the right direction.
​​​             Through the common interest of professional sportsmanship, the Pittsburgh Bullets strive to promote Health, Wellness, Diversity, & Community throughout Western Penns​ylvania. While filling the city with a new energy, and creating a stage for local business, aspiring talent, and communities to grow. 
​​​            By using basketball as a universal language we hope to reunite Pittsburgh's communities, and begin to open eyes and create opportunities for those who are looking for change.  Through service to the Pittsburgh Community, the Bullets will become a reliable source of family friendly entertainment at an affordable cost. We want to inspire tomorrow's future, by helping to support today's Dreams.
​​​        The Pittsburgh Bullets were founded in 2011 by current CEO Marcus Robinson, a 26 year old Pittsburgh native. Robinson's original idea was based upon Western Pennsylvania's need to create more working opportunities.  A product of Pittsburgh's inner city communities Robinson was born in Hazelwood, Pa and graduated from the local Taylor Allderdice High School. Graduating in 2006' as the Class President Marcus was a highly decorated multiple sport student athlete, and peer mentor.

​​Due to success on the basketball court Robinson earned a full division 1 scholarship to Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY. He would later attend Clarion University in 2008. Finishing his last competitive year of collegiate basketball at Point Park University in 2010. During his stay in college Robinson studied sociology, psychology, business management, and business marketing.  

After traveling the country trying out for numerous professional, and semi professional teams, Robinson concluded that he wanted to keep his talents at home in Pittsburgh. He would then later in 2011 create the Pittsburgh Bullets.

​​Committed to the idea Robinson​​, and Untied created the Ohio Valley Basketball League (OVBL), which was then reformed in to the North American Basketball Development League at the start of 2013 Season. 
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Professional Basketball Team Striving to Unite Pittsburgh Communities & Join the NBA.