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September 2018​​

09: Community Coalition vs Pittsburgh Police Basketball Game

21​: Red Cliff Community Days Nike 3 on 3 (Bayfield, WI)

30: Home vs Philly Stunnaz Exhibition Game​​

October 2018​​

04: Sampson YMCA Youth Clinic - Every Tuesday - Call For More!​​​

06: Open Tryout

20: 2nd Annual Neshard Walker Celebrity Game (DC)​​​


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September 2018

​In early September Ceo & Founder Marcus  Robinson received the call from one of his many mentors, Dr. & Coach Karen Hall.
Dr. Hall is a famous women basketball player and former coach now color analyst for ESPN 3​. They both sat down to review some of the newest workings in mind of Pittsburgh entrepreneur Marcus Robinson. Tune in to hear about the past, present, and future of this Pittsburgh born business mogul.
2018 Marketing Partnership
 On December 2, 2017  your Pittsburgh Bullets hosted Bronx Unbreakable, and pulled out a 102 - 88 victory

Close form the tip to the start of the fourth quarter the Unbreakable battled hard on the boards.
Also as a group they came with a focus to play great team defense.

But the young energy and experience of the Bullets core has show to be no match for most competitors. With 4 year veterans like #8 Sean Watkins, and #3 Griffin Abel, who have seen alot of minutes over their careers. Creates a wonderful platform for young guys like #00 Isadias Simmons #5 Dennis Sanders & #14 Tony Worsham to come and learn on the fly ​​​

 On December 30, 2017  your Pittsburgh Bullets hosted the Allegheny O's for the first time in 2017. Looked at as an inner city rivalry and big brother vs little brother challenge.

At the half the O's had the lead by 20 points, but second half heroics  from #9 Marcus Robinson who posted 29 points in the second half, hitting 5 of 7 long range 3 pointers in the 4th quarter.

Robinson was able to bring the Bullets back with in a few buckets of the win, finishing the game with 39 points. But the experience and deadly 3 point shooting of the O's sealed the victory​​

Fall Clinic Schedule 
 On October 6 - 8, 2017  your Pittsburgh Bullets & Take Your Shot Productions partnered with Incepto Potenti to host the first ever international pro basketball Jamboree in Western Pennsylvania

This three part event will included a free youth clinic on 10/6 and double header exhibition games on 10/7 & 10/8 vs the Toronto Force.​​

Your Pittsburgh Bullets were lead by  #9 Marcus Robinson, & #2 Chevy Troutman both having averaged double doubles over the weekend.  Troutman tallied 40 points the first night, while Robinson was accountable for 34 the 2nd night.

Stay tuned for stats and highlights.
Dre & Friends Bday Block Party
09/15/18 - 12PM - 8PM​
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